Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a simple and easy course which deals with services from Amazon through the cloud. These amazon cloud computing services provide a bundle of primary intellectual-technical infrastructure to the customers and helps in building blocks and tools by distributed computing.  Most of the attributes in AWS’s version of virtual computers are similar to a real computer which includes Central processing unit (CPU), Graphics processing unit (GPU), Storage, RAM, Operating Systems, and many preloaded web servers, Databases, Customer Relation Management (CRM), etc. AWS allows users to have a virtual computer available all the time through the internet. At present, AWS is dealing with 160+ services, but all the services are not directly disclosed to the end-users, but they offer functionality to use them by the developers through API.

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AWS Training in Hyderabad can be chosen by any programmer, system administrator, network administrator, solution architect, developer and graduate or postgraduate who want to start a career in cloud computing technologies, In 2002 it is a platform consisting of only a few tools and services, in 2019 it has a business over $236 Billon. It has shown amazing progress from the day it was first propelled in 2002.

We start the AWS Course in Hyderabad by introducing you to the cloud computing and continue by concluding the topics like identity access management, Glacier storage, compute, S3, Databases, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Security options, Application services, DevOps tools overview, Monitoring tools, Amazon White Paper review,  CloudFront, CloudTrail, Lambda, IAM, Redshift, EC2, Elastic block store, Route 53 and never end till you procure complete knowledge in the subject.

Currently, there is a huge demand for AWS certified professionals across the globe. There is a 22% growing trend every year in cloud computing services, and there are about 4,00,000 opportunities for AWS professionals all over. The average package for an AWS certified professional is about 16 lakhs per annum, while the minimum package is over 6 lakhs per annum. Organizations at the global market are in a great need of an AWS certified professional.

Our team will provide complete assistance to the students in securing a job in a reputed organization as per your skill and communication. We will conduct dummy interview rounds to make you comfortable in facing any interviews further. We will also help students in developing their communication skills by conducting orientation sessions and group discussion sessions at the end of the course. Faculty in Rishi online training institute will spend their valuable time with students to clarify any doubts raised and also provide assistance in completing the certification course.