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Internet of Things (IoT) is a structure of interconnected computing devices, Mechanical machines, Digital machines, animals or persons, Objects that are granted with unique identifiers (UIDs) and ability to transfer the data through a network without any human to human or human to computer interaction. Internet of Things can be applied to a variety of fields like Healthcare, Households, Transportation, V2x Communications, Construction, Manufacturing units, Agricultural sector, Metropolitan developments, Electricity, and environmental monitoring. There are different types of technologies related to the Internet of Things Short-range wireless technology dealing with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Radio Frequency, Zig Bee and etc. Medium-range wireless technology dealing with LTE (High-speed communication specification for mobile networks). Long-range wireless technology dealing with very small aperture terminal (VSAT)-Satellite communication technology using antennas, Low-power wide-area network (LPWAN)-wireless network designed for long-range communication at low-cost data rate. Wired technology dealing with Ethernet using twisted pair and optic fiber links in affiliation with hubs or switches, Power-line connections.

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IoT course online training will start with Introduction to Internet of things and continue till there aren’t any updates left to be discussed after concluding IoT architecture, Sensor & Actuator, Raspberry pi & Arduino hardware overview, Arduino programming fundamentals, Interfacing sensors & actuators with hardware, Program raspberry pi board, IoT wireless protocols, IoT communication channels, IoT network protocols, comparison of network protocols, Introduction to IPv4 & IPv6, TCP/UDP transfer layer protocol, HTTP application layer IoT protocol, MQTT IoT protocol, CoAP IoT protocol, Theoretical introduction to Big Data & Big Data technologies, and AWS IoT setup for application development.

IoT course online training can be opted by any person with basic computer knowledge, having basic awareness in Arduino platforms and low-level interfacing peripherals will be an added advantage. Persons who are interested in robotics, College faculty, Technical manager, Product Manager, Information Technology professional, Analyst, DWH professionals, Developers, Programmers, Graduates or postgraduates can happily opt this IoT course online training and start a new career or can add an advantage to their current profile. Our daily activities with the internet is a myth without IoT, IoT is so important in any organization for automation, data management, Human resource management and many other day to day activities.

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